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This rustic tart is as beautiful to look at as it is delicious to eat and with vine-ripe heirloom tomatoes and fresh basil, it’s the perfect way to highlight summer’s harvest.



The combination of cool, crunchy cucumber and tangy vinegar is the perfect start to a quintessential summer salad. And don’t be intimidated by the raw onion! Soaking it in water helps tame the zing, without tamping down the flavor.



Grilling season is ON! Whether you follow a plant-based diet, or just want to try something new, this is a great time to break out the tempeh; the high-protein fermented soy patty with origins in Indonesia that is bursting with a hearty nutty flavor. Crank up the grill for these delicious BBQ Tempeh Kabobs, topped with a homemade BBQ sauce. Short on time? Use a store-bought sauce. Serve over rice or quinoa with a side of grilled corn on the cob for a perfect summer meal.

IT WAS 1955.

The inspiration for this dream came from their own struggles to afford healthy food and be healthy. Shortly after the birth of their second child, Margaret became chronically ill. When conventional medicine was unable to help her, she turned to the health mavericks of that time. She used the principles in Davis’ book, Let’s Get Well, to heal her body with nutrition, which included eating nutrient-dense, natural foods and taking dietary supplements.

It was a call to action. After the remarkable improvement in Margaret’s health brought on by following this nutrition regimen, our parents became health crusaders. Borrowing $200 to help feed the family and put gas in the car, they went door-to-door in Golden, Colorado lending books on nutrition and giving out samples of whole grain bread. They would return a week or two later, discuss nutrition and take orders for supplements, the bread and other natural, nourishing foods.

In a time when TV dinners and convenience foods were enjoying their heyday, our parents bucked convention. They taught us that nutrition education is the foundation for building health and being in control of your life, and that healthy living should be affordable and accessible to everyone.

Against all odds we’ve succeeded in growing a thriving, dynamic business that empowers people to live in health. We have done this by bucking the trends, by staying current and involved in nutrition, and by using our Five Founding Principles to guide our business decisions.

Some of the most important innovations have been decisions that bucked the trends in the natural food industry itself. For example, against the advice of all the high paid health food industry business consultants, we have always set the majority of our supplement department by section and not by brand. This is so customers can easily compare similar products and choose the one that is best for them.




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